Introducing Steven Fox, D.O.

Steven C. Fox, D.O. is a licensed physician and surgeon. He was the founder of Wellspring Gerontological Services, which provided comprehensive assessment and care management for older adults and persons with disabilities in the Chicago metropolitan area from its beginning in 1985. In 1993, Dr. Fox assisted in the creation of Wellspring Personal Care, a private home care agency which provides certified and trained caregivers in an individual's home. He continues to serve as a Physician Consultant to WPC.  Tell me more about Wellspring Personal Care

Dr. Fox is a founding member of the Midwest Private Geriatric Care Managers Association; a member of the American Osteopathic Association; American Geriatrics Society; the American Academy of Home Care Physicians; American Society on Aging; and, the American Medical Directors Association.

Now in private practice, Dr. Fox applies the osteopathic philosophy and principles of wellness to his practice in geriatrics and disability medicine. He conducts assessments of decision-making capacity, functional capacity and individual care needs. He is available for on-going case management and monitoring the treatment for cognitively and psychologically impaired individuals.

As an advocate of avoiding unnecessary nursing home placement, Dr. Fox assists families in assessing a loved one's limitations and capabilities. He meets with the family and their loved one to review advance directives and the results of his assessment. He will create a proposed plan of care that will enable the person to stay in his/her own home, until nursing home care becomes necessary.

Dr. Fox is the current president of Illinois Citizens for Better Care (ICBC). Since 1978, ICBC has been the only consumer-based organization in Illinois devoted exclusively to the protection and enhancement of the legal, medical and human rights of nursing home residents.

To consult with Dr. Fox or to schedule an assessment for a loved one, call:



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